The Umpire Has No Balls

Jessie Stiles’ struggle up the ranks in the male-dominated world of baseball to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming an umpire in the major leagues. The Umpire Has No Balls is a dramedy with scatterings of romance that follows Jessie as she fights her way toward achieving her goal – she is a woman who, not always successfully, tries to balance her life with her dreams. Interspersed throughout the script are interviews with real baseball players, managers, executives, umpires and fans.

Broken Dishes (co-written with Jason Stuart)

The battle between a gay high school teacher and a student’s born-again Christian mother and the one person caught in the crossfire – the Christian mother's newly aware gay son.

Welcome to the Neighborhood (co-written with David Bear)

An FBI agent goes into a downward spiral as she becomes obsessed with finding a serial killer who preys on young women in a suburban neighborhood. What she doesn't realize is that he's closer than she knows.

City of Nets (Award Winning)

A supernatural thriller set in Chicago’s dark and seedy underworld. After his wife is murdered investigative reporter JAKE MALONE loses his will to live and climbs into the bottle -- until his wife's ghost helps him hunt down her killer and he finds a reason to go on. To download some preview pages, click here: city of nets

Untitled Political Thriller (in the works)

Twisting, layered political thriller with provocative environmental theme.

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