Day of the Dead (in the works)

Political and environmental thriller set in Alaska.

Three Sides (in the works)

One family, three stories and how one little change with life, death or adoption changes some of their reality, but not all.

Bringing A Urine Sample To Hitler --
and Other Stories Of My Crazy Mother
 (in the works)

Episodic play comprised of stories about aging parents.

Ashes to Ashes (3 characters: 1 Woman, 1 Man, 1 either way)

Ex-couple liberal Sara and right-winger Jefferson are polar opposites about everything — except their love and devotion for their two, newly deceased, filthy-rich best friends. Trapped by the time-constraints of their friends' will, the two are forced to spend the next 16 days, 21 hours and 32 minutes together, scattering ashes across Europe.  Complicating matters for them is the mysterious stranger Alexa/Alex who shows up everywhere they go. Whether they make it or not, the audience is in for a bumpy and funny ride.  Visit the website

Biking With Andrew Scott

A dark comedy about the effect Andy's suicide has on those closest to him, especially that of his life-long, control-freak, best friend Stephanie. Trying desperately to hold everyone else's life together, hers quickly falls apart. Things get more and more complicated as Andy's ghost tries to "help," and his born-again mother, gay lover, and tarot card reader all interfere with Stephanie's plans. The play follows these colorful characters as they go through all of the stages of grief in order to come to terms with Andy's death.  To download some preview pages, click here: Biking With Andrew Scott

Biking With Andrew Scott enjoyed a successful run at the Write Act Repertory Theatre in Hollywood, CA (April 10 - May 17, 2008)

The Tolucan had this to say: "Delivered with heartbreaking authority by playwright Debbie Bolsky, this story is at times gentle, brutal, clever and sweet, and always an incredible ride."

Backstage West stated: "The twist: From the opening scene onward, Andy appears as a ghost, and only Stephanie can see and speak to him. This plot device offers the production's best moments, thanks to several honest, tender moments, well-crafted by Bolsky and handled with reserved yet palpable emotion by Brown and Crabtree."

What Would Mary Do? (4 Women, 2 Men)

This offbeat comedy involves estranged best friends, JONI ROBERTS and LIZ CONROY, who battle it out over Liz’s decision to sue Mary Tyler Moore-- the person she holds responsible for her own, and all women’s emotional problems. As Liz takes the lawsuit even further, Joni does her best to stop it, ruining her own life in the process.  To download some preview pages, click here: What Would Mary Do?

Douds, Iowa (2 Women, 1 Body)

A 10-minute, short, black comedy about small-town mortician, KAT, who tries to escape now that UNCLE JIM has died, but his sister, AUNT MAE has other plans.

It’s Only A Movie (5 Women, 4 Men)

This screw-ball comedy is about ALEXANDRA (Alex), a budding young filmmaker who, out of desperation, takes a job in the spiraling vortex of Monumental Studios. While trying to keep her values and dreams alive, she is constantly sucked into the crazy worlds of the wacky people she works with. Each of her twisted adventures echoes a different film genre.

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